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Salisbury Journal

Kevin Catchpole

An entertaining journey down melody lane delighed audiences at the City Hall when Salisbury Amateur Operatic Society staged an encore of their successful Showstoppers of ’94.
Shows past and future were represented in a generous bill offering something for ears and eyes of all tastes. From the dramatic first appearance of Cabaret, a foretaste of the autumn production, we moved smoothly to the genteel world of Pontevedrian diplomacy as two Merry Widows shared Lehar’s melodies.
The secret of this sort of evening is to save your programme until the end and simply enjoy spotting songs and shows as they come. It’s fun to be caught out by the less familiar, such as Mack and Mabel. The  modern selections produced especially delightful solo numbers in Take That Look Off Your Face from Emma Lawson and her sextet, and Nicki Burgess’s performance of On My Own.
The gentlemen fared better in tutti mode, flexing more flesh than in the South Pacific that I saw in a lively account of Nothing Like a Dame.
The Children’s ensembles ensure a particular freshness. Movement and grouping was smartly handled by director-choreographer Kim Yew Wong, with settings provideing some striking pictures, if occasionally hinting at a finale from Sound of Music. The whole programme was secured by the firm hand of musical director, John Dempster.

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