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Salisbury Journal

By Dee Adcock

They Got Rhythm A-Plenty

Musicals and the millennium came together to spark a good idea for this inventive society – tell the story of the century through show songs. The result was a lively new show, full of favourite songs and surprisingly ambitious.

SAOS aimed high, as usual, to stretch themselves and create entertainment to be admired as well as enjoyed. Its success was largely due to director and choreographer Kim Yew Wong and musical director John Dempster with his fine little band of musicians. The company were not perfect, and they knew it, but a few wobbly moments could not detract from the pleasure this show gave.

They were lucky that the material seemed to get better as the century – or at least, the show – went on. Great songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease and Hair outshone the slightly weak opening so that by the end everyone had rhythms of life to dance home with.

The big stage at the City Hall, made larger by what looked like a tennis court added on, was at its best when filled by everyone giving their all – otherwise they tended to cling to the back, unnecessarily far away. The joy of a show like this is that everyone shines and especially talented individuals dazzle. Children charmed everyone with a well performed Bugsy Malone medley. Comedy, stirring songs, big routines and surprises went into this musical of musicals – and its Time Warp just about had the lots in one.

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