Orpheus in the Underworld

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• Director Barry McIlroy
• Musical Director John Dempster

7th – 10th May 2003

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Cast List

Eurydice (Wife of Orpheus) – Kathy Campbell Orpheus (Professor of Music) – Michael Bolton
Calliope (Mother of Orpheus) – Jenny Mears Pluto (King of Hades) – Christian Jull
Juno (Wife of Jupiter) – Dee Mansfield Jupiter (King of the Gods) – David Coxon
Venus (Goddess of Beauty) – Lorraine Blakey Mars (God of War) – Peter Marshall
Cupid (God of Love) – Nikki Angel-Jull Vulcan (God of Fire) – Richard King
Diana (Goddess of Hunting) – Julie Gower Mercury (Messenger of the Gods) – Kevin Murdoch
Bacchus (God of Wine) – Vince Kemm* Icarus (Pilot of the Balloon) – Julian Jeffery
Styx (Servant of Pluto) – Andy Morris
A Chorus of Nymphs, Shepherds, Gods and Goddesses, Bacchantes and suchlike
Alison Babey, Jill Cocovini, Helen Lumsden, Marie Coles*, Pippa Mavell, Pam Collinson, Debbie Rice*, Sara Collinson*, Claire Sainsbury*, Jeni Colton*, Claudia Shakerley, Simon Haseley, Janine Slade*, Carol Gardner, Alan Spratt, Sue Goddard, Sue Sutherland, Jessica Gunney*, Mike Wilkins, Mavis Gale, Martin White



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