Oliver! 2000

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oliver Director Barry E McIlroy
• Musical Director John Dempster

28th November – 2nd December 2000

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Cast List

Oliver Twist – Tommy Andrews/Liam Marcellino Artful Dodger – Tom Woolford/Scoras Strain
Fagin – Geoff Heard  
Bill Sykes – Roger Ganner Nancy – Tina Lucy
Charley Bates – Sam Woolford, James Hall Bet – Linden Sherriff
Mr Bumble – Nigel Swatridge Widow Corney – Sue Crouch
Mr Sowerberry – Kevin Murdoch Mrs Sowerberry – Dee Mansfield
Noah Claypole – Julian Jeffery Charlotte – Claire Sainsbury
Mr Brownlow – David Coxon Mrs Bedwin – Alison Babey
Dr Grimwig – Geoff Griffiths Old Sally – Sue Goddard
Children’s Chorus – David Hoard, James Neville, Lawrence Dudley, Stephen Graney, Luke Gower, Alexander Bennett, Tom Leary, Ashley Trundle, Christian Pitchler, Joel Holt, Cara Treasure, Louise Anderson, Hollie Craddock, Susanah Johnson, Charlotte Liddington, Gregory Thorne, Adam Wythes, Charles Murphy, Austin Caley, Elliot Mulhern, Philip Boardman, Joe Miller, Scott Wiggins, Alexander Swatridge, Alice Taylor, Charlotte Little, Stephanie Westcott, Hollie Howard, Henry Womersley-Smith, Rachel Snowden
Rose Sellers – Kate Sheppard, Jeni Colton, Sue Goddard Strawberry Sellers –  Julie Gower, Sarah Cross, Debbie Rose
Milk Maids – Julie Leary, Janine Slade, Claire Sainsbury Knife Grinders – Michael Bolton, Fred Rees, Peter Vokes
Long Song Sellers – Kevin Murdoch, Vince Kemm, Martyn White, Simon Westfield “Bullseye” played by Bobby
Chorus – Lisa Taylor, Sharon Holloway, Norma McGowan, Helen Lumsden, Lizzie Coxon-Tenty, Julia Whelan, Sue Tenty, Robert Kennedy, Jeremy Holt, Nigel Broderick-Barker, Sara Collinson, Sophie Lister, Emilia Williams, Felicity Cross, Louise Detain, Emily Robinson
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