Me and My Girl

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mamgirl Director Barry McIlroy
• Musical Director John Dempster

19th – 23th May 1998


Cast List

Bill Snibson – Roger Ganner Sally Smith – Claire Sainsbury
Sir John Tremayne – Geoff Heard Maria, Duchess of Dene – Jill Cocovini
The Hon Gerald Bolingbroke – Kevin Murdoch Lady Jacqueline Carstone – Nicola Bell
Herbert Parchester – Michael Bolton Mrs Brown – Sue Crouch
Sir Jasper Tring – Anthony Male Charles, The Butler – Peter Vokes
Lord Battersby – David Ware Lady Battersby – Camilla Burgess
Guests, Servants, Cockneys – Alison Babey, Many Buckley, Eva Burton, Pam Collinson, Donald Colquhoun,Mavis Gale, Sue Goddard, Lyndsey Gough, Beverley Hutt, Linda Hydes, Helen Lumsden, Jenny Mears, Cliff Petzing, Carol Stone, David Ware
Dancers – Tricia Bligh, Sue Clements, Katy Colgrove, Jeni Colton, David Coxon, Sultan Dajani, James Daybell, Emma Domoney, Jessica Gunney, Vince Kemm, Peter Marshall, Stuart Martin, Kikki Murrell, Lesley Niblett, Roger White
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