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Salisbury Journal

By Dee Adcock

An All-Time Great Displays Real Skill

If you missed real Barnum’s greatest show on earth when it breezed into Hudson’s Field a century ago, make sure you see this one. See it, anyway.

SAOS excel with a great show that would have frightened the life out of many good companies. All that singing, dancing, moving, and lighting, all the costume changes. Crikey – all that circus stuff.

Undaunted, they wisely picked Ray Jeffrey as director and Christian Jull as Barnum and gave themselves circus lessons. The result must rate as their best-ever show, a real spectacular of non-stop razzmatazz.

Genuine circus skills, a fine orchestra, good lighting, quality singing, especially by Lorraine Blakey as Jenny Lind and Gill Blake as the blues singer, give the show strength.

With it comes the sparkle from a well rehearsed talented company giving its all in a dazzle of costumes.

Sheer entertainment, clever too. You should see their Jumbo.

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