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barnum Director Ray Jeffrey
• Musical Director John Dempster

2nd – 6th December 1997

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Cast List

P.T. Barnum – Christian Jull Chairy Barnum – Nikki Angel
Tom Thumb – Kevin Murdoch Joice Heth – Jenny Mears
Ringmaster – Peter Marshall Jenny Lind – Lorraine Blakey
James Bailey – Geoff Heard Blues Singer – Gill Blake
Goldschmidt – Peter Vokes Mrs Sherwood Stratton – Dee Mansfield
Amos Scudder – David Coxon Concertmaster – Crispin Ingham
Wilton – Robert Capper Edgar Templton – Roger Ganner
Sherwood Stratton – Dave Ware Humbert Morrissey – Crispin Ingham
Tumbers, Jugglers, Clowns, Passers By – Nicky Bell, Robert Capper, Gill Blake, David Coxon, Mandy Buckley, Roger Ganner, Eva Burton, Geoff Heard, Jill Cocovini, Crispin Ingham, Sue Goddard, Kevin Murdoch, Dee Mansfield, Jonathan Russell, Jenny Mears, Dave Ware, Norma McGowan, Alvin Weeks, Lesley Niblett*, Peter Vokes, Graham Herbert
Dancers – Katie Clements*, Sue Clements*, Katy Colgrove*, Claire Foster, Jessica Gunney*, Karen Kemm*, Nicky Murrell*
Additional Singers – Michael Bolton, Linda Hydes, Julie Leary, Cliff Petzing, Jill Smail
Gymnastics advisor and trainer – Peter Clements
Circus skills training – Circus Maniacs
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