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annie Director Jeremy Tustin
• Musical Director John Dempster

23rd – 27th November 2004



Cast List

Annie (Red Team) – Charlotte Euridge Annie (Blue Team) –  Freya Evans
Molly (Red Team) – Daisy Vanderput Molly (Blue Team) – Emily Bailey
Kate (Red Team)  Alice Oliver Kate (Blue Team) – Hannah Chalke
Tessie (Red Team) – Leah Hampson Tessie (Blue Team) – Rachel Perry
Pepper (Red Team) – Charlotte Liddington Pepper (Blue Team) – Ellie Harris
July (Red Team) – Clementine Parker July (Blue Team) –  Sophie Harris
Duffy (Red Team) – Rebecca Davies Duffy (Red Team) – Amelia-Jane Page
Miss Hannigan – Camilla Burgess Oliver Warbucks – David Coxon
Grace Farrell – Nikki Angel-Jull Rooster Hannigan – Julian Jeffery
Lily St Regis – Claire Sainsbury Drake – Michael Bolton
Mrs Greer – Fionne Harrington Bundles McCloskey – Peter Marshall
Mrs Pugh – Norma Mcgowan Lt. Ward – Martyn Davies
Cecille – Katy Colegrove Bert Healy – Christian Jull
Annette – Sarah Cross Fred McCracken – Simon Haseley
Star-To-Be – Rosie Easton Jimmy Johnson – Iain Barclay
Ronnie Boylan – Cathy Mears Sound Effects Man – Peter Marshall
Connie Boylan – Marie Coles Roosevelt (FDR) – Derrick Foord
Bonnie Boylan – Jenny Mears Louis Howe – Simon Haseley
Francis Perkins – Carol Gardner Cordell Hull – Vince Kemm
Sophie – Sue Goddard Harold Ickes – Michael Bolton
Mary – Claudia Shakerley Henry Morganthau – Martyn Davies
Jane – Jenny Mears Artie – Simon Haseley
Peggy – Carole Birch Eddie – Vince Kemm
Usherette – Debbie Horne Fred – Derrick Foord
Judge Brandeis – Kevin Murdoch Ira – Iain Barclay
Appleseller – Kevin Babey Marine Guard – Kevin Murdoch
Dog Catcher – Christian Jull Assistant Dog Catcher – Ian Barclay
Cop – Kevin Murdoch Chaffeur – Kevin Murdoch
Red Team – Emily Barrett, Georgia Clarke, Fiona Mashford, Harriet Walker, Freya Rock, Louise Anderson, Georgina Walch, Ellie Cousins, Danielle Baldwin 
Understudy AnnieStephanie Potts 
Understudy Pepper – Sarah-Jane Harris 
Understudy Kate – Megan Quinn-Conlon
Blue Team – Mairin Williams, Penny Mashford, Francesca Valentine, Zoe Treasure, Shannon Saunders, Rebecca Lyles, Amy Job, Carly O’Gorman, Alice Kitt
Understudy Tessie – Aimee Ullah
Understudy July – Cara Treasure
Maids – Katy Bath, Rosie Easton, Marie Coles, Lucy Barnsley, Julie Gower, Cathy Mears, Susi Tenty, Janine Slade, Debbie Horne, Lucy Barclay
Servants – Martyn Davies, Vince Kemm, Simon Haseley, Christian Jull, Kevin Babey, Derrick Foord
Chorus Lucy Barclay, Lucy Barnsley, Katy Bath, Carole Birch, Katy Colegrove, Marie Coles, Sarah Cross, Sue Crouch, Rosie Easton, Carol Gardner, Sue Goddard, Julie Gower, Jessica Gunney, Fionne Harrington, Debbie Horne, Norman McGowan, Cathy Mears, Jenny Mears, Claire Sainsbury, Claudia Shakerley, Janine Slade, Kevin Babey, Iain Barclay, Mike Bolton, Martyn Davies, Derrick Foord, Simon Haseley, Julian Jeffery, Christian Jull, Vince Kemm, Pete Marshall

Salisbury Amateur Operatic Society presented local children’s hospice, Naomi House, with a cheque for £2000 at the close of their last performance of Annie on Saturday, 27th November.

The donation comprised the profit of the Society’s first night of Annie, money raised from a recent sponsored shave-a-thon (where leading man David Coxon, aka Daddy Warbucks, shaved his head), and the proceeds of the Society’s recent quiz night.

The Society was pleased that a small group of children and their carers  from Naomi House were able to watch the show at the Saturday Matinee. Principal cast members met the children after the performance and happily posed for photographs with them.

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