A Christmas Old Tyme Music Hall

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musichall Director Barry E McIlroy
• Musical Director John Dempster

3rd – 5th December 1998


Cast List

Your Popular Chairman – Arthur George Bowden Esq.
Who undertakes to remain reasonably sober throughout the evening
Mlle Amanda Almond – a sweet little nut Mr Michael Bolton – the teacher’s pet
Madame Nikki Angel-Jull – star of stage and small screen Mr Robert Capper – Minister of Silly Walks
Madame Alison Babey – everyone’s favourite fairy Mr David Coxon – knocks ’em for six
Madame Gill Blake – the Bournemouth Belle Mr Stephan Dixon – a frosty performer
Madame Lorraine Blakey – the Laverstock Nightingale Lord Ganner of Hareford – A right jolly Roger
Miss Tricia Bligh – a real smiler Mr Geoff Heard – Flushed with success
Madame Joyce Bowden – in a class beyond compare Monsieur Terry Jones – Man of the Year 1886
Madame Camilla Burgess – a born thespian Herr Vince Kemm – a smile, a step and a sequinned gown
Miss Eva Burton – likes to teach the world Mr Stuart Martin – papers the town
Signora Jill Cocovini – our Kentish maid Laird Kevin of Murdoch – once upon a dream-maker
Miss Jeni Colton – give her a kith Mr Cliff Petzing – fresh from academe
Miss Katy Colgrove – a dancing dream Mr Paul Routledge – our latest acquisition
Madame Teresa Colville-Wright – warbling exquisitely Lord Peter Vokes – cyclist extraordinaire
Madame Mavis Gale – breezes her way in song Monsieur Dave Ware – lecturer to the masses
Lady Sue Goddard – she knows y’know Mr Simon Westfield – Yankee Doodle Dandy
Madame Julie Gower – chanteuse Miss Jessica Gunney – one of the Society’s luminaries
Madame Romy Jones – what a smasher Madame Julie Leary – this little piggy’s a real dame
Countess Helen Lumsden – she goes down the Strand (!) Mistress Dee Mansfield – the Cockney songbird
Madame Norma McGowan – the bronzed belle of the boards Mlle Leslie Niblett – a tasty bit of stuff
Madame Claire Sainsbury – she was the only ‘GIRL’ Mme Kate Sheppard – shines like a star
Miss Becky Woodward – nearly caused a riot  
The Stars of the Future – Miss Katie Beaumont, Miss Anita Babey, Master Robbie Beaumont , Miss Laura Bailey, Master James Hall , Miss Gemma Chant, Miss Hannah Jones, Miss Natasha Gambold, Miss Laura McConnell, Miss Laura Harding, Miss Kirsty Mankin, Miss Fenella Kennedy, Miss Catheryn Mears, Miss Samantha Langan, Miss Jessica Page, Master Tom Leary, Miss Emma Sheldon, Miss Alice Martin, Miss Lisa Spittle, Miss Stephanie Westcott, Miss Laura Stapley, Master Christopher Westcott, Miss Lucy Tatton-Brown, Miss Emilia Williams, , Miss Jessica Williams, Master Adam Wythes


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