• Annie (WEB VERSION)Director – Martin Knight
  • Musical Director   Liz Weager
  • Conductor  – Ian Hooper
  • Assistant Director – Jeni Colton

22nd – 27th November 2016, City Hall, Salisbury

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Cast List

  Team Yellow Team Blue
Annie Francoise Western Lara Makin
Duffy Rosie McGrane Molly Makin
July Katy Neve Molly Madzarevic
Pepper Polly McGrane Isabelle Lawes
Tessie Aurelie Barber-Walkley Millie Newman
Kate Georgia Sapwell Catherine Treslove
Molly Teia Gardner Layla Timmins
Lizzie Isabella Sapwell Holly Bentley
Lily Thea Milner-Smith Ellie Amos
Daddy Warbucks Russell Haugh Miss Hannigan Kate Sheppard
Rooster Robert Preedy Grace Farrell Jordan Leech
Roosevelt David Coxon Lily St. Regis Laura Simmons
Bert Healy/Lt. Ward Dave Simmons Ronnie Boylan Laura Bean
Harold Ickes Derrick Foord Connie Boylan Emily Shakespeare
Cordell Hull David Ferris Bonnie Boylan Jenny Bakewell
Henry Morganthau Dave Simmons Star To Be Deanna Deadman
Fred McCracken Richard Greathead Perkins Lizzie Coxon-Tenty
Louis Howe/ Bundles McClosky Martin Boniface Apple Seller Suzanne Davies
Drake Martyn Davies Jimmy Johnson Will Laing
Mrs Pugh Sue Goddard Sophie/Announcer Susi Tenty
Mrs Greer Claire Parrett Justice Brandies John Newton
Cecile Stephanie Potts Mary Owena Archer
Annette Hannah Lockwood Usherette Olivia Ayers
Servants Romy Wright, Jenny Bakewell, Martin Boniface, Derrick Ford, David Ferris,
Marines/Police Officers Patrick Wadge, Chaz Potts, Julian Jeffery
Sandy Guiness the Dog

Production Team

Lighting Designer Sarah Bath Sound Paul Sparrow
Lighting Team Katie Hoole, Hannah Wood, Kiera Guest, Tim Greathead, Kevin Murdoch, Martyn Jones
Stage Manager Marie-Therese Tiernan Assistant Stage Manager Simon Rhind-Tutt
Deputy Stage Manager Denis Twomey Props Carol White, Janet Watson
Stage Crew Patrick Wadge, Chaz Potts, Jules Jeffery, Ros Packer, Steve James, Kevin Murdoch
Make-Up Sabrina Garside, Claudia James, Pippa Shackerley
Wardrobe Joan Simmons, Mary Clements, Debbie Wadge, Alison Babey, Mavis Gale
Wigs Kate Sheppard Front of House Gordon Plumb
Child Protection Officer Sally Swindlehurst Producer Richard Greathead


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