Set available to hire or purchase

Originally built for our production of Anything Goes, MTS has a pair of large flats and other items available to hire or buy. 

Two large curved flats

• 5m high, 2.65m wide and 100mm thick.

Further details:
• At the moment the flats are painted blue with curved gold ‘art deco style’ lines as decoratio
n, but they could easily be painted to suit the set design for any production.
• The flats are also fitted with fairy lights around the edges.
• The build quality is really excellent – they were produced by the Salisbury Playhouse set building department.

Set of curved steps and two ramps

• The ramps are 2.440m long x 1.220m wide, max height of 457mm.
• The large curved tread is 4.816m x 1.160 m,  height  200mm
• The smaller curved tread is 3.182 m x 0.591 m, height  200mm

Further details: Again these were produced by Salisbury Playhouse so they are very well made. They are also currently painted blue. The treads of the steps split in half for ease of transportation/storage.
Please see the picture above which illustrates the size of the flats.
The picture below shows both the flats and the set of curved steps (ignore the pesky actors in the foreground). Also available and pictured in the photo below are two white ship’s railings  – suitable for shows such as  Anything Goes or Titanic: The Musical


If you would be interested in buying or hiring these items (buyer collects) please get in touch – we will be offering them at a very reasonable price and are willing to negotiate. 
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