MTS Officers


The Hon. Mary Morrison GCVO

Vice President: 

Mrs J. Bowden

Honorary Officers:

Chair: Richard Greathead
Vice Chair:
Treasurer: Janet Watson
Secretary: Roz Packer
Assistant Secretary: Laura Simmons
Assistant Treasurer: Sally Swindlehurst
Publicity Officer: Claudia James
Production Manager: Richard Greathead 
Committee Members:  Alison Babey, Steve James, Jeni Toole, Owena Archer, Debbie Horne, Laura Deignan

Life Members: 

Mr J. Blakey, Mrs J. Bowden, Mrs M. Gale, Miss M. Herbert, Mr D Coxon
Mrs M. Marshman, Mrs E. Rattue, Mrs D. Roblou, Mr P. Vokes, Mrs A Babey

Patrons and Friends:

The Hon. Mary Morrison GCVO

Mr. & Mrs. K.F. Babey Mr. & Mrs. J. Cole Mr. & Mrs. R.V. Pankhurst
Mrs J.T.Baugi Mrs. P. Cole Mr. G. Plumb
Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Bowden Mr. & Mrs. B. Gale Mrs. E. Rattue
Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Brailey Mr. & Mrs. P. R. Gurd Mrs. J. Simmons
Mr & Mrs. G. J. Brain Mr. R. Greathead Mrs. F. Tighe
Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Mallory Mr. M. White

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