Equal Opportunities Policy

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Musical Theatre Salisbury (MTS) is committed to equality of opportunity and respect for all members, associates, patrons and friends.

MTS is opposed to any form of discrimination on grounds of race, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs or socio-economic status.

MTS will seek, in its objectives to: ‘educate the public in the operatic and dramatic arts, to further the development of public appreciation and taste in the said arts’, to encourage members to join and participate by organising events to offer equality of opportunity to all members and associates with respect to:

  • access to and participation in any of MTS’s activities
  • promotion, selection and recruitment of members for roles within MTS, including the auditioning of roles for productions
  • the selection of shows
  • reflecting the nature and diversity of the community in which MTS operates
  • taking positive steps to ensure no forms of unlawful discrimination occur

The main committee of Musical Theatre Salisbury will have responsibility for implementing and promoting equal opportunities within MTS, dealing with issues, routinely monitoring policies and making recommendations for action. The committee will also:

  • promptly address equal opportunities issues at an individual and organisational level, through prescribed procedures for complaints and grievances (appendix 1)
  • review the equal opportunities policy annually and revise, where appropriate, the policy and procedures in response to needs

Appendix 1.

The equal opportunities policy will be made available to all members, patrons, friends and associates of MTS.

All members, patrons, friends and associates should address, in the first instance, any complaints or grievances to MTS’s Chair, or any serving officer or committee member, to bring to the notice of the full committee, where appropriate, observing the possible need for confidentiality.

A written response to that complaint or grievance should be given to the complainant by the Chair, following the first full committee meeting after the complaint was received.

This policy will be regularly monitored by the MTS Committee and will be subject to regular review.

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